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EF9 SiR Civic Cluster Pig Tail Remake

EF9 SiR Civic Cluster Pig Tail Remake

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Since I could not buy any I decided to design them and offer them up. These are a perfect way to install your EF9 SiR Civic cluster without having to search a wrecking yard for one that might work or just hacking one up to make kinda work. Especially when you still need to reuse one of your original ones.

These will be printed so colour will be grey or black to make sure they are stronger and last. Keep in mind these are 3D printed so the odd stringing might be inside and for the most part the clip section is just to make it look like factory. It’s a snug fit. If you press on the release button that’s just for looks it may snap. Again it’s for looks as it is a snug fit in the cluster. 

Some resources that could help with the pin outs.

Shipping & Returns

These are Print On demand and are only returnable if there is an issue with the material or print.

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