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TRX4 style Off-road Logo RC Crawler Axle Stand

TRX4 style Off-road Logo RC Crawler Axle Stand

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TRX4 Logo on some of my Classic Truck Stands

Hands down the best way to display and store your trucks on a shelf. No flat spots and no over extending the suspension sitting on the tiny internal seals causing shock leak.

These come with different centres for 107mm, 114mm, and 125mm width!

 I am able to put most logos imbedded right in to it as it is all printed at the same time. No gluing and no fear of anything popping apart.

* If there is a logo you would like to see feel free to toss me a message!

Shipping & Returns

These are Print On demand and are only returnable if there is an issue with the material or print.

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VS Customs

With so many ideas floating around in my head I thought it was best to share them with the world!
Always open to making those custom ideas reality! Name plates, Custom designs and anything in between!